Artificial Intelligence:AI

Gone are the days when we use to perform every task manually and seek sort of help from others, now we are in the arena where lot of work is occupied and done by software, machines and various automated programmers. And with respect artificial intelligence (AI) has made its fixed prominent place in our word and making it progress today for better future.

Although we have heard a lot about AI but clearly we don’t have any actual idea. Yes, so first of all we should know what Artificial Intelligence is.
Sometimes called the machine intelligence, in this the machines are able to perform the normal requiring tasks of human intelligence such as translation of languages, decision making, etc.

There are different types/kinds of artificial intelligence each needing in an appropriate amount of use or as per the technical knowledge of how to imply to a particular task. Now for a common example the Chatbots, the telecommunication companies use the so as the can provide the normal answers to the consumers and to make the query a bit readable and understandable to the marketing executive. For this the company did not use to hire other employees to answer million calls at a time.
Although technologies like robotics, machine learning, etc. may be difficult but is getting easier at the time. Many vendors have taken it as a great opportunity as they have simplified their processes to a greater extend and providing us the best facilities and rejuvenating, sparkling products.
All these interfaces will surely evolve with time but I can get you some information that where these cognitive technologies are used. Likewise Sales-force is adding features of Einstein to its client facing software clouds, Microsoft is using Cortana. We are very well aware of Siri and Alexa .

But to whom they are representing??

Ok ..!!
You are right. It’s Apple and Amazon!!

Virtual assistants are now available and are with great working capability and with greater support. All by the evolution of artificial intelligence, instead a lot of operations although the easy ones and the irritating ones have been made easy by this technology. As this era is the fastest growing time of the technological world we stand at a position where we are surrounded or for a better stake we are occupied by the upgraded transformed technologies and our thirst is never ending, and in support they are so reliable that they have benefited us in a virtual but predictable manner.

So as the time is changing so are methods and responses to the world are changing.
We all do require new methods of teaching and learning too.
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