Switching From Traditional to Modern Teaching Methods

Hello Parents..!!
Not all you think about technology is right.
Whether you think technology is good for your child or bad or even worse… Everything has its own pros and cons.
Do not blame the technology for making your child a spoiled brat… Your child may be having a bad company. Know your child friend circle; it may help you get him stronger and a right person indeed.
What does your child do on the phone?? Have you ever witnessed it? Yesss, there are parents who have a keen knowledge of their child’s life. But not all of them. Of course, every parent should know about it.

Do you know??
What or How is your kid being taught in their school.. Whether by the traditional method or are they teaching them by the modern technical methods, which have been developed but are not in use as much as they should be.   

The earlier method or the traditional method, where the teacher used to teach the students with the help of chalk, blackboard, and duster. And, we all may still find at many schools and institutes where teaching is done by the traditional methods only.

And there are various schools, colleges where they teach with the help of both traditional as well as modern technological methods. And, one may be amazed to find that these schools have a high success ratio. The success of any school is measured by the success of its students. This implies that the institute that has a high success rate has students with high success rate.
Success here is defined as good marks in their academics. Good marks can be scored when the students get enough knowledge about the subject. Knowledge is spread by the ‘guru’, the teacher, the mentor, well-wisher or whatsoever you call them in your language. But unfortunately due to some reason the actual knowledge can’t be delivered to the students.

This is where technology gets into the sector of education.

What does Modern Method of Teaching means??

Modern Technical method of teaching implies the method of teaching in which there’s a use of technology in a way that the students get the benefit of the technology.

How Coexcl uses modern teaching method?

All the technology that we use in our day to day life is used at the same place.
 I hope we all do watch videos; they may be of any genre.
The technique is the modern method use technology of videos in the form of lectures that are delivered straight to the students. This helps the students to watch the videos ‘n’ number of time until and unless the topic they are studying is understood by them.

We all do watch live cricket matches.

If a student is stuck in any numerical problem at midnight. What should he/she do?? There’s comes a solution that is convenient as well as helpful. At that hour, no one could find a tutor or a teacher who would help the student get out of the situation. At this point, our tutors would provide the students with live numerical assistance.

STEAM stands for Science Technology Engineering Arts and Mathematics. The latest term that is included in education that would serve all the aspects and subjects. We at Coexcl also focuses on STEAM education that helps any student to get along the environment as well as academics.

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