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Are you worried about your child’s performance?
Is your child getting the right tutoring?

We are here to help you out..!!
Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics or be it any subject. Subject-wise courses for your child. CoExCl is a platform where your child gets tutoring assistance from experts straight at your home at your observation. Tutoring was never so easy and accessible. Whether your child is an owl or an early bird while studying, we would always be there to assist the kid.

We are CoExCl, Connecting Experts to Classrooms. We are a team of IITians and alumni of IIM’s who are working for the betterment of the students by providing them online assistance round the clock. Our experts serve the purpose 24*7.

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What if your child has a doubt in a subject you don’t have any idea about. Or. what if your child doesn’t understand the concepts by the teaching method of the school. Even he/she may need the tutoring assistance at midnight at around 2 am. And if, your child is brilliant and wants to learn more facts and stats that not even in the books. Also, the concerned teacher may not know it.

Yes... You guessed it right !! CoExCl will help your child by providing a clear and unambiguous explanation to the doubts and problems your child is facing. Connect your child to the experts who’ll be there to clear all the curiosity they have in their developing mind.

Connecting Experts to Classroom, a name that for sure is a wonder. Why? There are many students who want to learn great and different things from experts. CoExCl is one of the platforms where they can connect themselves to experts.
Coexcl is a dedicated socio-academic networking portal and one-stop solution to maintain data, interact globally and groom the students in such a way that they outshine with flying colors...

Not a single one of us are here who are not stuck at any kind of numerical. Teachers give students assignment and its a hectic task for students to manage it and do it correctly. CoExCl experts will help student whenever they get stuck in any kind of numerical. CoExCl provides them numerical assistance globally at any time.
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Students who do study online through various other medium need to carry a pen drive or CD’s wherever they go. But with Coexcl it is not so. One just has to remember the login id and the password, which is a simpler job in comparison to the materials they had to carry.

In addition to the tutor assistance, there are more facilities that are provided by CoExCl. We provide online counseling, STEAM sessions, prizes, certification and a lot more to the students.

Everyone must have played The Candy Crush Saga, a game that was crashing bubble and reaching the next level. CoExCl gives you bonus points and surprises when the child increases the level of development.

Creative Study makes student feel the subject interesting. Find every class subject-wise topics discussed on your dashboard as soon as you register.

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Will connect with you soon parents !!

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Also don’t miss out the offers as soon as version 2.1 launches..!!


  1. Nice Content! Really Useful. COEXCL Is One Of The Best Learning Platform For Enhancing Your Improvement

  2. Surelye Coexcl Will Be a leading leaning platform.
    Good concept


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